Reopening Update

We are excited to announce the re-opening of Voodoo State College Friday, May 29th in accordance with Centre’s movement to the Green Phase. Starting next week, we will resume our normal hours. In addition to those hours, we will be opening one hour early each day for the high risk and elderly.

This weekends hours:
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Sunday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Customer Expectations

1 - Parking - Please follow all signs posted for parking.

2 - We respectfully ask patrons to bring their own masks and wear them upon entering the facility. Patrons will not be required to wear a facemask if medical conditions prevent doing so safely or while seated, eating or drinking. If you don't have one, we will graciously provide it to you. We also ask that patrons use the hand sanitizer stations that are placed at the entrances.

3 - Upon arrival, please follow the appropriate marks placed on the ground for social distancing in order to see the bartender. We are doing this to ensure that all surfaces and areas are properly cleaned and disinfected in between each party use. We also ask that you place your orders at the designated areas with plexiglass partitions only.

4 - We ask that there are no parties of more than 10 people unless they are from the same family household.

5 - You are more than welcome to bring your own lawn chair or choose to stand outside, but please stay within the appropriately marked areas and do not move any of the tables or chairs that we have placed, as they have been placed at the appropriate distances for everyone's safety.

6 - Please be patient with our employee-owners. Wait times may be a little longer than normal as we are trying to make this the safest and best possible experience for everyone under these new circumstances.

7 - Any questions, comments, or concerns, please email

Important Information & Guidelines

We are ecstatic to reopen and will do so in a way that continues to keep both our customers and our employee-owners safe. Therefore, we will be implementing new policies and practices which have been provided by the CDC:

1 - We will continue following our rigorous routine cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces and objects with disinfectant in between serving guests and on an ongoing schedule. This includes tables, bar areas, and bathroom facilities.

2 - All of our employee-owners that serve you will wear masks, and adhere to a strict hand washing schedule.

3 - We will be strictly enforcing the 50% occupancy, on a first come, first serve basis. Tables will be placed 6 feet apart at a minimum, and we ask that you do not move the tables or chairs.

4 - We will continue to ask that you do not bring used growlers in to refill for the time being, and we will not be doing beer flights for the time being. Additionally, we will be using all disposable and biodegradable glassware and food containers.

5 - We ask that you please wear a mask when placing your orders to keep our employee-owners and yourself safe. We also ask that you place your orders at the designated areas with plexiglass partitions only.

6 - When in line, please stand at the tape or marks on the ground to practice safe social distancing.

7 - There will be a great deal of outdoor seating placed a minimum of 6 feet apart. We ask that you not congregate in parties greater than 10, respect the space of others, and try to keep at least 6 feet of separation between your party and others. You can bring your own lawn chairs, but again, we ask that you stay a minimum of 6 feet from other parties.

8 - We will be allowing children if accompanied by an adult at all times. They must adhere to the same social distancing policies as adults. Failure to do will result in the party being asked to leave.

9 - Dogs will be allowed outdoors only. They must be kept on a leash at all times, kept at least 12 feet from other parties, and owners are responsible for cleaning up after them. Failure to comply will result in the party being asked to leave.

Voodoo Brewery
State College
201 Elmwood Street
State College PA 16801
(814) 333-9123

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